Next City for Vampire Rivals

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  • Jamesabrazeal
    1 month ago

    I wanted to choose a city outside the US, making it have a real World of Darkness feel. Next city for Vampire Rivals – 3 options or purpose your own. What City, short why, and landmark for city deck.

    Sydney, Australia – Would be interesting to see how the time zone and culture issues play out, other side of the world from US. – Opera House.

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Favelas and South American culture. How the heavy religion vs the night life culture. – Christ the Redeemer Statue

    St. Petersburg, Russia – Mix of Old world and new. City to the west. – Hard to pick the landmark for me, can I have both, one as silhouette? Cathedral (old world) and Lakhta Center (new) tallest building in Russia and Europe.

  • Eluro
    1 month ago

    Madrid, Spain - The capital of the traditional home of the Lasombra. - Metropolis Building or Cybele Palace.

  • Koeppler
    1 month ago

    Copenhagen Denmark could be cool, I say simply because I live near it. It could be cool so there is there is a free state thingy called "Christiania" which is very socialistic and a everyone-helps-everyone and it could be a cool Anarch vs Camarilla setting. For landmark im drawing a blank though. Possible the skyline, because my other suggestions are "Round Tower" which i doubt is well known outside of Dk, and the little mermaid might feel too misplaced in the vampire setting.


    Montreal, Canada - Mostly because it would be a good excuse for them to collaborate with Flyos which is making a vampire boardgame set in that city. But idk if thats possible since they're already doing something with vtes.

  • General10
    1 week ago

    Montreal would be cool, if it's impossible, then Québec City have a lot of interesting asset to be a targeted city from Frontenac castle to Montmorency falls...


  • Jamesabrazeal
    6 days ago

    Love the idea of Montreal.

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