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    For the work you receive, prices are reasonable. Order essays, case studies and dissertations. The prices are clearly listed so you can make a decision. You can use the calculator to get a price estimate before placing your order.

    Each order's cost depends on several factors. First, decide which service you require. Does your essay need rewriting? Do you have any sections that need to be edited? Do you just want a report written? Other than these, academic level and type of paper are important.

    The basic pricing system for Writepaper.com is as follows:

    The average price for 1 page essay in 1 day will be between $13.5 to $18, depending upon the level of mastery

    The rewriting service is a bit cheaper: 1 page of essay rewriting will set you back between $9.45 to $12.6.

    Editing is the most economical of all services. 1 page edit in a day will set you back between $6.75 to $9.

    You already know that the more pages you order and the closer your submission date are, the more expensive it will be. The same applies to most writing services. WritePaper still uses a bidding system. The toll is determined by each writer's bid. However, this is a positive thing for the user. This competitive structure led to lower prices. Each writer will choose the minimum amount to convince customers to pick them. The clients are treated better.

    This is the best deal you can find! Discounts! WritePaper offers discounts for every page you order. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive promo codes for special occasions.

    You can pay with your Paypal account, MasterCard or Discover card, as well as Visa and other credit cards. There are many payment options available to pay for your order, including Mastercards, Visas, American Express and Discover. You can also pay by wire transfer.


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