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  • PeRRaKo
    3 years ago


    After enjoying the demo on tabletopia during the weekend (thank you very much! :D ) I have a few questions about some mechanics:


    1- If player A claims the 'Prince of the City' title and player B, whome is the rival, choses to challenge the claim with a character in a party (inside their Haven with other characters or in The Streets forming a party), is that character considered to be in a party when an attack card like 'Gang up' od 'Power play' is played? I guess they are but clarification would be nice, as challenging the claim is a "one character effort" of sorts, or not :P


    2- When the card 'Smoke 'Em Out' is played and several characters in a Haven are moved into The Streets, are those characters still a single party? I guess they remain as a single party unless a card states otherwise.


    3- Montgomery White's party ability says: "Party - This party has +1 'Shield' during 'Ranged' attacks". Does this protection apply to each/every member of the party individually during a single attack action? For example, when  'Molotov Cocktail' deals 1 aggravated damage to each member of the party. Would all members be protected or only one damage would be prevented?


    And that is all for now ;)

  • Matt Hyra
    3 years ago

    1. An attack against a claimant to the Prince Title is made "as if it were your own turn," so your attacker is part of a party and can use whatever abiltiies they would have available during your own turn.

    2. They do remain a single party. If a card doesn't mention any status changes, then there aren't any.

    3. The resolution of a Molotov Cocktail is all one attack against a party. The discard to hit the whole party doesn't start a separate attack. MC is a Ranged card that deals Aggravated damage, so his ability works to prevent that damage (Shields and Vagrants work great against Aggravated damage). He even protects his party if a Ranged Reaction strikes back at his party.

    Good questions!


    Matt Hyra

    Renegade R&D

  • PeRRaKo
    3 years ago

    That was fast! Thank you for the clarifications ^^

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