Favorite Clan

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  • Microfiber
    3 years ago

    I just picked up a copy of the core set, and I've been as giddy as a kid in a candy shop as I pore over the rules and cards.


    My initial impressions as I look over everything is that Malkavians might be my favorite family right now. I think that the game does a good job at translating the VtM theme of hidden agendas and plots into a board game format, and it seems like Malkavians excell at that! Play a conspiracy? Draw a card. Play a scheme? Draw a card. Your opponent buys into your conspiracy? Oops! You have a card that dings them anyways. 


    It seems like a lot of the family's mechanics put your opponent in a position where they're constantly having to make tough decisions about how to use their resources. Maybe there's no right answer, and you strike when they're weak! I especially think splashing in Brujah for added attacks would make for a fierce combo.


    What are your thoughts on the families and how they play?

    3 years ago

    hi, each of the clans are awesome and have their own uniqueness. and each feels great to splash.

    i saw this and I'm in the middle of running around, but I know a bunch of people who would be interested in going more in-depth. here is a link to the unofficial discord.  it's the part run by the community. (when i get time and back I'll come back here and go into more detail if the discussion isn't happening in the unofficial discord.the forum tends to not get as much interaction as the discords.)


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